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In line with EU standards, several sustainability norms must be met, which include requirements relating not only to the safety of constructions but also to health, durability, energy savings, environmental protection, economic aspects and other relevant aspects of public interest, which must be respected.

As such, Ecobasalto strives to be a market leader and responsible operator that fulfils any and all applicable requirements and commitments made, as a company that is constantly evolving.

For several years, Ecobasalto has employed a proactive approach when it comes to addressing the various environmental issues that influence its operations.

Striving to always keep in line with positive environmental practices applied to the industry, Ecobasalto seeks to lessen the environmental impact produced by its operations.

The basalt rocks used by Ecobasalto come from the Camacha and Malhadinha quarries, areas in which Landscape Recovery Plans ensure thousands of trees are planted annually to ensure the quality of the landscape is maintained and that visual impact produced by the quarries can be lessened.

In addition, water is widely used in the company's operations, leading to infrastructures being built for the regeneration and high filtration of water. A treatment plant therefore recovers and recycles the water used.

In terms of electricity consumption, photovoltaic solar panels were installed in Ecobasalto's Sítio da Malhadinha facilities as a means through which to produce renewable energy, therefore contributing to reducing the use of fossil fuels.

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