Ecobasalto was founded in October 2005, operating in the transformation and commercialisation of basalt, producing decorative stones for wall coverings, paving and facades, which can be applied to both interiors and exteriors of buildings and urban spaces.

The company stands out in the market for providing basalt for any use, with a focus on decorative slabs.

The rocks used come from the quarries of Camacha and Malhadinha and are subject to a rigorous selection process.

Working alongside company Madeira Inerte, Ecobasalto's industrial unit in Sítio da Malhadinha is equipped with machines and equipment that enable it to respond to up-to-date market demands. These machines and equipment have undergone a major update in recent years, in a successful attempt to adapt the company's premises to evolving market demands.

Though production processes are automated, our qualified employees' constant and attentive intervention remains a necessity, indispensable to responding to our clients' demands.

Basalt, which is extracted from quarries, can be transformed into a wide variety of products to be used in different ways for a variety of applications.

By cutting and selecting various shapes of rock, it can be applied to any environment or surface.

A material particularly resistant to wear and tear, basalt is known as the most suitable stone for use on floors and wall coverings both inside and outside.

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