Ecobasalto's mission is to transform and commercialise decorative stones for wall coverings, paving and facades, which can be applied to both interiors and exteriors of buildings and urban spaces. It stands out in the market for providing basalt for any use, with a focus on decorative slabs.

Ecobasalto intends to determine and overcome the external and internal obstacles in its operations and strategy that affect its capacity to become a market leader and responsible operator that fulfils any and all applicable requirements and commitments made, as a company that is constantly evolving.

Ecobasalto commits to adhering to the following principles:

- Customer satisfaction and loyalty - by supplying products that meet the requirements and needs of its clients and users and meeting their expectations to the greatest extent possible

- Satisfaction and involvement of its employees - by valuing them as professionals and providing them with the conditions necessary to do their jobs

- Building partnerships with its leading suppliers - by exchanging experiences and cooperating with each other in an attempt to achieve mutual growth

- Satisfaction and recognition of its community - minimising its social and environmental impact, in compliance with requirements, including any applicable legal, regulatory, normative and technical requirements, and doing its bit for the development of our society.

- Return on investment - in order to ensure the company's owners continue to invest, it must provide a satisfactory return on the investments made